BUYING OR SELLING PROPERTY THAT YOU THINK MIGHT BE CONTAMINATED? Hire the agent with over 20 years of experience in the Environmental and CRE industry.

Angela D. Grannan of The Grannan Group is degreed as an environmental scientist and has
been assisting buyers and sellers of commercial real estate for 22 years in environmental
due diligence.
Some people think you can’t buy or sell a piece of property that has known soil or
groundwater impacts, but that’s not true!
Angela D. Grannan has performed subsurface investigations and remediation of various
chemicals and knows just how to work with owners, attorneys, environmental government
agencies and insurance companies to facilitate the process. Her knowledge and expertise
will provide insight to what to expect for a cleanup and what programs may be available to
assist you.
Having an expert that knows how to navigate the procedures will make you successful in
the transaction.
The Grannan Group also has a number of investors that are specifically interested in
purchasing property that has environmental impacts.
Call Angela today to discuss your property or the one you want to buy in detail free of
charge. At a minimum, you will walk away with a better understanding of your options.

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